Hi guys, as I said this will be a photo blog as well as some other things. The posts will be mostly the work we have done in class but some will be of holidays and other things we do, not necessarily as a class. I will put the links to the other classes in the school for their blog and the rest of our class. The other classes only have a class blog, not of every student in the school otherwise that would be just over 600 blogs for the school.

Sunsmart Persuasive Text


The Sunsmart policy is an important thing about school because it can help protect you from getting skin cancer at an early age or at any age at all. More than 1300 Australians get skin cancer every YEAR and 1 in 2 will get it in their life time.

The Sunsmart policy is a great way to prevent getting skin cancer at an early age or at any age at all. It makes us wear Hats or else we will have to go sit in the shade, some kids think it’s a stupid thing to do but it’s for our own safety. They also recommend us to wear sunscreen and sunglasses so our eyes and our skin are less likely to get damaged.

It also reduces exposure to harmful UV that can give you sunburn witch may lead to skin cancer. A great way teachers help to do this is provide inside activities that students can attend to any time they want. It encourages students to make use of shaded areas and the play grounds are under shade as well. Our school also makes sure we were the right clothing so we have a better chance of not being sunburnt.

The policy makes sure we receive enough Vitamin D while still being sunsmart. The reason we need vitamin D is because it Keeps us healthy. It provides extra curricular activities so we can keep fit. It allows free play so we are able to get moving around. The Sunsmart Policy is needed in schools so we can keep healthy.

In conclusion I believe that if we didn’t have a sunsmart policy more and more people will be diagnosed with skin cancer each year.The sunsmart policy is a great way to protect us from getting skin cnacer by reducing exposure to harmful UV and making us wear hats.

We need the sunsmart policy.



My 5 favourite words about summer

– Ice cream

– Puppies


– Salty Breeze

– Sunglasses

I’ve used my 5 favourite words in this paragraph.

Ah Summer. Not Autumn, Not Winter, Not Spring  just Summer. Little Puppies splashing about in the water. The sand is burning hot but the water is freezing cold, its as clear as Crystal and so refreshing. The seaweed tickles your toes as you go deeper and deeper into the water. Your cold luxurious ice-cream melts in your mouth… but then you drop it and your dog licks it up. You can smell the smoke from the BBQ as the salty breeze hits your face.


Hi I’m Alannah and this is my blog I am in year 5 and I love puppies and cheese. This blog is going to be a photo blog it will be sort of like Pintrest and Instergram.I hope you like it!